T-6 (& Baron)

The arrival of the Loaner T-6.
May 24, 2008

Kaylee & Jamie under the wing of the T-6, while Nathan gets it ready to go.

Checking the oil...


Just a few shots of the plane...


Kaylee & Jamie just playing around at Huntington.


These were the faces I got after I told the kids they couldn't play in the sand box over there because animals used it for a litter box.  ;)


Heading to the Baron...



Such a sad sight to see for me; two beautiful Twin Beech aircraft sitting outside with grass growing around them.


Loading up!


Nathan firing up the T-6



The Baron's prop got in the way, but the T-6 on take-off.



The view over by Huntington, a tiny speck of a T-6 behind the wing.


Catching up...



We're on our way over to Glenndale to say "hi".




They know I'm coming, but don't know he is.


Did I say 'beautiful' yet?


Why, I do believe that's a grin in the cockpit over there.


Yes, in fact, it is.  ;)


Still grinning.


Jamie & Kaylee who looked up from their Nintendo DS just in time to see Nathan flying along right next to them.  ;)


Coming up on Glenndale, and now I have to quit taking pictures, because it's difficult to fly straight, level, and hold a camera all at the same time. ;)


Yes, in fact we are going the other way now-having said 'hello' to Glenndale, we're on our way back to Kokomo.


Taken with my cell phone on the ramp in front of Nathan's hangar.


Chuck checks out his new toy and Citabria replacement.  ;)


Nathan & Chuck



Now I get to check it out.


It's a little different than the cockpit set up I learned, but still close enough to figure out for the most part.



Time to go fly!


Why not.  Large cheesy grin and thumbs-up is an appropriate indication of my feelings in the matter. ;)




Leaning my head way over there in an attempt to see in front of us.  Attempt mostly unsuccessful, but that's okay, who needs to see?  ;)


Taxing back in from the runways, mission complete.


You're not supposed to follow the yellow line in these-you're supposed to s-turn around for that visibility thing.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  :)





...and done for the day.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)