Putnam County

March 13, 2008 from OKK to 4I7

It was a beautiful Spring-like morning, and the Parking Lot at OKK was full of pilots ready for some action.


Even though five people could have fit in one of the planes, we decided to live extravagantly and go as a mini-caravan instead.


Naturally this is our style of caravan, you understand.


To introduce the cast of characters...


In the Baron is Nathan, Steve C. and Chuck.


And in the RG we have Steve and Laura S.


See, if you ever want to go do something fun on a pretty day and MIE is still closed for lunch, then you have to find alternatives.


What better way to pass the time in the air than to wave at your friends over in the next plane?


In several of these, you can see the camera in the other person's hand.  Not this one, but in most of them.  ;)


We are on our way to Greencastle, by the way.


Naturally we split up prior to arriving at the airport.


Isn't that pretty?


And because Laura took more photos than Chuck, naturally, the rest of them you get to see are of the Baron.  ;)



Swinging around the other side for awhile...interstate underneath.


Soon those fields will be green again, Hallelujah!


See ya on the ground for lunch.  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)