Steve & Laura Skydive

Frankfort, IN; Summer of 1995
(Quality of photos is a little low since they're snapshots pulled off a video copied off a tape.) ;)
This is a 'snapshot' version of the event.  Not much of Steve on the tape, but he did it too!

I don't like having a camera staring at me.


The Walk to the Plane

The test run-through on the ground first...

Everything clipped together...


Step out in sync...

Don't hit his head on the door...

Wow he's close to a person, ya know?



"Let Go" he says.  "OK" as only left hand lets go.

Now right hand lets go.

Back to left hand.  "Trust me" he says.

"Ooookay" she says, hanging there.


Steve in the plane

Steve and my jump instructor

Steve and Laura

Love the head gear.



He kept putting my goggles into my eyes.

I'd move them down, he'd move them back up. :)

The view as you step out on the step

So *that's* what it's like to see a plane in the air from the air.

Here he yells "Don't Forget to have Fun, Laura!"

Triple backwards somersault.  Fun indeed!






Hi Mom!


Weird limp wrist/finger action on my part







Coming in for a landing...

Camera man goes first.

My turn.

Sliding in gracefully on my rear end.


Oh yeah, that was fun!

Here comes Steve

Heels out, trying to stay on his feet

Not quite successful...

Quick recovery & a thumbs-up!

Unhooking everything, and...

Mission Accomplished!  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)