C-140 Convention Flight & Just a Day

Glenndale, Indiana September 13th, 2007



We had a group of five Cessna 140s fly-in to Glenndale for lunch.  These are the planes. :)










The 140 pilots and Ty



at Glenndale, having lunch.


The five planes back-taxiing down the runway.


Preparing to take off.











When you blow these sky ones up, you can see the planes in the air.



Five 140s on their way to Michigan.


Then I took Chuck's Citabria up to get current.


My view today was lovely indeed.


I took this as a "na na na na na" but it looks goofy so I didn't send it.

Feet, hands, and a few instruments.  Fascinating, eh?  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)