Indian Hills

Kokomo, Indiana September 7-8th, 2007

When we first arrive, Steve is given the job of blowing the freshly mowed grass off of the concrete pad.  He complies so whole-heartedly.



This is Jim H's hangar and home.  Inside this big hangar, he keeps his projects, and he also has an air conditioned home complete with full kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.  These are some of the folks who stopped by Friday night.


Another view of the hangar, pad and folks.  The hangar building is up on top of a hill.


A little hard to see, but this is Indian Hills' runway, with Bob J. coming down it for a, er, runway check in his RV-6 (homebuilt plane).


A few inside the hangar shots.  Here are Mark, Sam and Gene.


The white plane on the left is the "Chief" that Jim, Ty and John D. are rebuilding together.  John D. and Chuck are looking it over.


Charlie B. (that's his camper in the background too) and Jim, fixing up burgers and brats for everybody for lunch.


Steve & Dawn B watching the rain fall on the two motorcycles and the Champ on the ramp.


It was really coming down hard for awhile there.


John and Chuck, and the front of the Chief.


Just a view from one side of the hangar through the other, with a table set up, etc.


Charlie enjoying his lunch to the sound of the rain.


Grillmaster Jim, high and dry and cooking excellent food!



One of the lunch tables...




Folks just sitting and eating.  Jim's apartment is through a door just to the left of this photo.


Kaylee chills in Chuck's rocking lawnchair...


Until she spots me.  :)



Setting up a nice foot-rest too.


Kaylee watches it rain...


And then of course has to go play in it for a little while too.


Dawn with her dad, Dale, and her husband Charlie.


Chuck who just pretended not to see me with the camera, Dawn and Dale.  (Dale is the 'dale' in 'Glenndale' by the way).


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)