Formation Clinic

Rockford, IL 4/28/13

In the back of the L-39 getting ready to go up for a formation flight.


Element takeoff


Two L-39s and two T-33s.



One of my favorite "selfies".  ;)


Doing a cross-under of the T-33s


Unusual attitues.  Lots of them.


Break outs and rejoins


More unusual attitudes.


I think you can tell at what attitude we're at here.  That's a steeper bank than I've ever done in formation in the T-6.  ;)


See him down there...


Super Pinto and T-6 on the ramp


Every group of pilots will gather to watch something like a Mig-21 go play.



The Six at dusk...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 6/30/13)