Spring 2013


Champ flying off a grass strip is a dirty business 3/22


The ground is brown but it's technically Spring... 3/22


More mud and grass strip Champ-ing. 3/22


Sunrise over Indy 3/23


Moon over Indy too. 3/23


Indy Airport under the Cheyenne engine.  3/28


Sunrise on the way to Pennsylvania 4/9






I went to a chocolate tasting seminar while in PA.  Yum.  ;)


I took a 45 minute Trolley Tour of Hershey, PA too


There was a lot of beautiful scenery on the backroads of PA


I went with a friend to an Amish village, too.  Lots of good homemade stuff there!


Flying home from PA...pretty sky.


The end of the day.  4/9




Taking off in the Aerostar for Tulsa, OK. 4/13.


This is what my view was almost the whole way there.  :)


This is not a flattering photo of her, but this is my Grandma Snider, who lives in Oklahoma.


This rental car actually has some zip on those back roads!


And it's NOT GREY!  Woo hoo!


This was on the ramp at Tulsa.  Radial Rocket, or so I was told.  Cool, man.


My airline flight into Chicago O'Hare 4/13


A license plate that made me think of multi-engine training, and smirking.


Me sitting in the back of an airliner, happy to be there.


Although the view on the airliner is also pretty.  As long as I'm not looking around the inside of the airplane, in which case the view on the airliner is MUCH worse.


This place doesn't look like it, but it Rocks.  Excellent food.


Fresh seafood you can pick and choose...in Tulsa... 4/13


A tiny place in Missouri, H96, deserted and strange! 5/16

My one poor companion there...


This Ag chopper came in, and he was GOOD. 5/16


Glenndale under the Cub wing 5/17




I couldn't get out of the photo... 5/17


Tire over the wire...5/17


Nathan's flying, I'm in the back of the T-6, going over Grissom 5/18


Going by the Air Museum 5/17


AE is collecting cards for the Poker Run 5/18


Back to Hattiesburg 5/29


Pretty flower field on the way to the airport 6/6


Pulling out the T-6 6/6


Sunset in the Six, Kokomo under the wing.



Last landing of the day, and goodnight.  6/6




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 6/30/13)