Winter 2013



On a trip to Mississippi 1/21, going into the clouds



And Poof.  ;) 


A 108 knot crosswind up at altitude.  Seriously.  1/21


Pretty clouds on the way to Mississippi 1/26


More beauty, back to MS 1/28


Sunset 1/28


1/28/13.  No comment.


Landed in a blizzard coming from Pennsylvania 3/5.


This was the single most white landing I've ever made in my life.  From the air, the roofs were white, the runway was unplowed and white, the air was white, the ground was white, the runway lights were covered in white.  It was different than fog, it was...weird.


On our way to Bong, WI


There was lots of great history at this airport.


Newspaper articles...



Murals on the wall...




More beautiful murals.


Going back home...


Interesting cloud patterns on the way home.





Sunset from Wisconsin 3/11




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 6/30/13)