November 2012

  11/2 T-6'ing.

Taxiing out for takeoff


Why? Because.


Climbing up on a pretty day


Getting on top of the cloud layer...



Doing a few steep turns to warm up


It really was a beautiful day...



Hard to tell, but the photo's not just blurry, the DG is still spinning like crazy after I got done with it that day.  :D


  11/7 Champ Flying

We taxi right up by the county road to take off.


Swinging around, looking down the road


Champ shadow over the field, Chuck & Judy's house in full view, car waiting on the road for us to land.  :)


  11/17 Harbor Springs, MI







  11/25 Thanksgiving


Painton Airport, MO






Train on the tracks out at/by Painton Airport...


Lovely Mom


Sunset over St. Louis


  11/27 Glascow, MO, aka "Boonies"

Pretty frost pattern on the window at 21,000'.


Courtesy car in Boonville, with police spotlight and a permanent "check engine" light.  :)


You know what this is?  This is us doing 299 knots in a C-340.  Probably won't see that again for awhile!


11/15, Flying with Mom & Dad in Gumby


11/18 The parade for Veterans Day as I was flying over in the T-6.


(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 1/03/13)