October 2012

10/9 to St. Louis Downtown

Sunset in St. Louis







10/13 Seymour, IN
(Photos by Jon Tharp except the last one)

Steve & Nathan in the Mustang coming up on us in the Aerostar.


Steve's waving hi to the kids, who are making faces at him, smiling and waving.


I like this one because you can see the window curtains and the wing, and thus can tell this isn't a zoom lens photo, but they really are that close in.


See ya...



On the ground at Seymour, Freeman Field.


10/15 St. Louis Downtown Trip

Breaking out of the dark overcast


The 340's panel at "night".


Here comes the sun...


Downtown St. Louis airport on the right side of the picture, sunrise over trees starting to change color, the arch in the upper left.


Heading home, starting the descent for the ILS 23 at home base.


And down...



And poofing into the clouds.  Since I was hand flying the airplane, I figured I'd stop taking photos there and focus on the approach.  ;)


10/18 EAA Chapter Meeting at the Hueys at Grissom ARB







10/20 Formation

We were spread way out for awhile there,
but not as far out as this photo looks.


John S. and Glenn F. in Yaks, Jack in an RV, and me in the T-6.


John and Glenn at sunset


The view out the front


The city lights popping out as the last of the daylight fades


Kokomo's lights



Turning down a long final (so I could snap a photo), runway lights welcoming me home.


  10/27 Champ Flying

While up flying around, we saw a house fire.


Firetrucks and all were already there...


Getting ready to take off on Runway 36 at Glenndale


  10/29 Sunset

I did not boost the colors on any of these. I didn't have to.  What gorgeous colors, taken in my own back yard. Not flying photos, granted, but sky photos, so close enough!



(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 1/03/13)