BBQ Bash 2012

Glenndale, 9/23/2012

Photos by Jennie Maltagliati

Three Troublemakers (helpers)


One sign, set up


Ty, Michelle, Cindy


PT-26 arrives


Airplanes on the back row


Dale & Dawn


  Photos by Justin Pallace

Bonanza at Sunset, ready to depart


Ty & Mary



PT-26 giving a ride


Inside the warm, cozy tent


Loading up a victim, er, rider.


Traffic jam for Runway 36



Folks waiting for their ride.


  Photos by Jon Tharp

Coming in to land...


Me & Trey flying over


Two T-6s


Coming around the corner



Trey & I overhead


  Photos by Justin Gould  

The big top tent in between the terminal building and the hangars.  It worked well!



Drying off the bouncy house for the kids


Ride Central


Me trying to come in to land


Me deciding that I didn't like how it was looking/feeling and going around.


Goofy kid.  :)


Cusick and Peg


Ken coming in with the 180, and you can see by the crab angle what the winds were doing.


Kaylee bouncing around, her favorite part of the Bash, I think. ;)


One blustery windsock.


The donkey with wings was able to give rides, at least!


Inside the tent during a meal


Ty in the Stinson coming in to land


Chuck races Ty, and sadly, loses.


I race Ty on the 4-wheeler, and had him until the end...


And then he passed me by.  :)


Stinson at the end of the runway waiting to back taxi while I take off over the top of him.


Clark gave quite a few rides on Sunday in his helicopter


Warbird rides area


T-6 gear disappears in the folds of the runway


These were available for sale, very cute!




I guess he's getting a picture of the grounds. Jim in a suit on his roof.  :)



Cars and planes


The ride line.


172 off giving rides


And Clark in the R-22


This picture kind of cracks me up.


Line up and wait for Runway 36


The Cub




The guys helping out


PT-26 and T-6 taxiing back


Just me


The baby checkertail.  :)


Crosswind Cub landing


One T-6 taxiing in, one T-6 taking off.




Looks like he's throwing the Cub up into the air.  :) Either this is the one where Ty is goofing around, or you can see the nice wind action here too.


Ladies inside taking care of business!


180 giving rides too


T-6 on final over the corn with the Stinson right behind me.


Clean up crew Sunday late afternoon.

Clean up complete, the place is deserted.  Mostly.  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 10/21/12)