Glenndale Airport, 6/15/07 & 6/21/07

The Cub just looks like it belongs right there.  Beautiful and classic.


Some of the crew who sat outside during our Friday Lunch.


Nothing much-two airplanes, a fuel tank, a couple of mowers, some motorcycles, and people sitting under the awning.  Man we need rain, our grass is dying.


This is the addition that is going up next to our building.


Some of the crew.  :)


What's that dot in the sky?


Ah, of course.  It's a Mustang.


Coming by to say "hello"




And Good Bye!


More progress on the addition-the roof is up too!


And even a bit of siding.  :)


Nathan molds my head for a flight helmet.


My bald head under the wax.


Blind Me...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)