August 2012

Louisville, KY Formation Clinic 8/12/12

Planes on the ramp...


This was inside the hangar, a beautiful lobby area


With fireplace, comfy couches, and all!  On the other side of the wall is the actual hangar with several airplanes. 


The Six on the ramp



The Tucano



The Tucano's rear-seat panel.


Looking at the other planes on the ramp through the "hot" canopy


Taxiing out


Making a turn prior to doing some aerobatics.


Cheesy self-portrait in the Tucano.  :)


Next three photos taken by a backseater in the Lead plane.  This is Jack in his RV with the KLOU airport framed behind him.


Two Yaks, an RV and a T-6.  Sounds like the beginnings of a joke.  :)  I'm #4 back there, you can see the checkertail.



Glenn in the Yak as #3, me as #4.


August In Review

Just driving out to the Kokomo Airport at sunrise 8/17


A storm rolls in over Kokomo 8/17

K & M at the "Taste of Kokomo" 8/18


Getting tickets from Steve...


Goofballs.  :)  8/18


Trey & Laura pre-briefing of Avon flyover for American Legion 8/20


Avon fly-over, photos taken by backseater in Trey's airplane


Flying over water...


Just me


Still just me, Avon fly-over 8/20.


Aerostar engine shut down...8/2


Eureka, Kansas, out on the farm.


Rolling hills, cattle, countryside.


Eureka, Kansas


Elvis entertains the locals at the Marion fly-in/cruise-in 9/1


The Corsair fires up.  The two guys in flight suits on the right are the two lead pilots for the RPA who have been flying formation with me in their Yaks; Ryan and John.


The Six on the ramp with some bystanders watching the Corsair fire up, right before we had to head out too to beat the weather.


This was a picture in the local Marion paper the day before the event, a photo taken last year.  I'd never seen it before.  :)  There was one in the paper afterwards of me leaving from this year, but I'm not a subscriber to the paper so I can't see that one...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 9/2/12)