Indianapolis Air Show

Mt. Comfort, IN 6/22/2012 - 6/24/2012

Friday evening's hot air balloon event.


Beautiful weather and lighting for it...


Red Tail Mustang parked next to the T-6, everyone getting ready to launch for Saturday's show.


Buckling in and getting ready. Duane flying, me GIB


I took this trying to get people behind me, but mostly got my helmet matching my tail. ;)


Waving at the crowd, photo by Irving Washington.


Takeoff--photo by Carol Lyons


Those guys timed gear-up quite well. Photo by Irving Washington


T-6 formation. Trey is in the grey Six. Photo by Irving Washington.


If you blow it up you can see Checkertail in there, on the left side. Photo by Carol Lyons.


Ditto :)


This was Saturday's flight. We're in the first row of T-6s on the left side of this photo, #3. Photo by Carol Lyons


Here's a view of the whole formation. five T-34s, five Yaks/CJs, six T-6s, and two Navions. I think this photo was by Bill Miller.


Again, first group of T-6s, far right of the screen. Photo by Carol Lyons


After the flight comes the debrief. You know..."WHAT was THAT??" ;) Photo by Carol Lyons


Photos by Jon Tharp















The rest of these photos were taken by me, Saturday and Sunday.

Doing our run-up on the taxiway in front of the crowd.


Todd W. is the Lead of our 3-ship "vic", and Trey is #2 in the Gray T-6.





Trey--we're coming around to line up on the runway on the right side of the photo.



Smoke on, passing by the crowd.


Tim G. in front of the crowd line.




The view of show center from above.


Zak...what did you drop now?





Trey--look behind you!


Yaks taxiing out to line up on the runway


T-34s and Yaks ahoy


Todd W. in the T-6


Smoke on


Todd & Trey coming up on airshow center




Trey on the backside of the show


The whole airport...


A jet bus which went over 300 mph.




Thunderbirds arrive...



The photographer gets photographed. Greg M. :)


Warbird ramp, one leg of it anyway.


Blow these two like this up and you can see the planes on the runway and the ones launching in the air.


Fifteen or Sixteen airplanes launching in formation.




View from above.


Trey coming around to the runway on the left.


T-34s and a couple of the Yaks




Tim G.


Smoke on again for the passes




We're swinging back around to the runway...




The fighters line up to depart.


Steve T. telling Doug R. where to go. ;)


Thunderbirds over the T-6




John & Steve T. watching the Thunderbirds



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/7/12)