Kokomo Wings & Wheels 2012

6/9/12; KOKK

Photos by Greg Morehead from the back of the Checkertail P-51

Probably my favorite back-seat-of-Mustang photo Ever.




Comin' out of a loop, looks like.




Greg & Nathan


Photos by B. Hammitt (75 photos are on his site linked here.)

PV-2 Harpoon





Steve C. and Jon pulling out the Mustang




You can see Jon's face in the prop.  :)


A Blackhawk and a Cub seem to go together...


Greg M. and I getting ready to take off for a photo shoot.


Some girl in the Six


Photos by Trey Carroll

Me on a pass at the show


Another gorgeous Mustang shot, taken Friday evening with Greg in the back seat.


Greg is giving Nathan bunny ears.  Or "V" for "Victory", I'm not sure which. ;)


Photos by Justin Gould

Kaylee in the back of the T-6 at Glenndale


Mother Medusa.  It feels so good after having a helmet on to let the wind whip it around, but man, that looks ridiculous.  I've gotta put a scrunchy back in there.  lol


Ty & Steve prepping the Cub for her Airshow Performance.  :)


Steve getting into the L-29 for a ride


Ty giving rides in the Cub


Steve and Greg in the L-29


Golf Cart Brigade


Sun's going down on the ramp...




Some of the ramp (the Yaks have arrived)


Transient parking...


Random folks in line to eat...


Parking and the Air Force Simulator guys.


People.  Plenty of people.  :)


Hi Ty!


Taxiing into position, Lead is Dave R. in the T-34, then Laura in the T-6, Matt T. in the T-6, Jordan B. in the C-45 and Nathan D in the Mustang


Takeoff roll



Yaks overhead


The Mustang passes while the Yaks go by overhead.


A fly-by


Dave was coming down low and having a good time




Shiny.  Heh.


Dave leads the Yaks


Michelle and Chuck making sure pilots and ramp guys were hydrated and comfortable.


Greg & Trey


Mike Wild in the Super D



The Model T and the Cub race


Billy Werth in his Christian Eagle


Under-boss Scott P. and Air boss Steve S.


Greg A. in his L-29


Hollywood grabs Cliff Robinson's Stearman wing on a pass.


Lookin' good, guys...


This may be the last year we see the jet van...
Over and Out, Wings & Wheels 2012!


(Fun Family & Flying Photos Updated 6/18/12)