Poker Run

Glenndale Airport, 5/26/07

Kaylee & Maggie in front of one pretty bird.


The campers set up.



Kaylee & Maggie in front of the Cub


What a way to grow up.  :)


Kaylee & Maggie



Huh.  Who's the guy in the C-172?  Looks like Laura on the right.  Some guy with a red shirt and a headset covering his face.


Ah HA!  The warm place has finally cooled off exponentially!  And I think he's smiling too!  Oh, the shame... To be fair, he's only flying because I won Rock Paper Scissors.  ;)


Kaylee & Grandma outside having a snack.


Chuck drops a bomb.  Well, a flour bomb anyway!


Me getting in the Saratoga


Me and Scott P. in the Saratoga


The Cub coming in for a Spot Landing-trying to hit as close to that mowed stripe in the grass as possible.  :)



This is the Golf Cart Brigade-watching the Spot Landing and Bomb Drop Contests.  Kaylee & Jamie are on the far right golf cart.


Kaylee & Jamie and Crew watching the Cub come in.


Kaylee & Jamie chilling out.


Chuck in the Citabria


Scott P. & Dale E.


Dale E. & Susan P.

A landing from the Citabria.

Nathan tries to feed Steve chocolate at dinner, but Steve won't take it for some reason.  ;)


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)