Fun Flying at Indy...

Taken Race Day, 5/28/06, for the Indy 500!
(I am leaving these all really big, because I'm too tired to resize them all.  So if you click to enlarge, it may take awhile if you're not on cable!)

One beautiful Mustang out on the ramp at Kokomo ready to depart for Indy.


The Three Mustangs sitting on the ramp at Indy International, waiting for their turn.


Another view of the three.  It was really hard to get a good photo, they weren't close enough or in the right...formation I guess.


Since I had to cut off the tail, I took another of just these two...


On top of the world!  :)


Here's my nose and forehead.  Ha.  The closest I could get to a photo of me in the back seat where it would focus that close in.  ;)


Well, it's hard to see, but that's the track, and above it are about 7 planes in a row, and there were more behind these.  I couldn't fit them all into one shot.


Look at that blue sky!  Man was it HOT and man was it pretty!


There we go, nothing chopped off of this one...


Coming in over the city, holding, waiting for our turn...


Now it's our turn--here we go!  We're fairly high up, on our descent down for our 'pass' of the track.  It is easily visible in the blown-up version, all the cars parked out there, the track, etc.


Okay, this one is harder, but in the blown-up version you can see the cars, some of the crowd, etc.  We were climbing back out after the pass.  :)


Next the flight of three with us in the 'lead' headed over Nate's house before "disbanding" and everyone heading home!

Taken 05/27/06, these guys practicing for the fly-over on Race Day at the Indy 500--Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
(And might I add, they did a HECK of a job!)

It was kind of hazy as we came into Indianapolis International Airport.  You can see downtown off the end of the wing.



I couldn't get the photo I wanted without a wide-angle lens.  But from these two together, you can tell we're in the middle-one Mustang to the left, and one to the right.



Nathan is waiting for the sign from the guy that we're ready to fire up.


Mustang Flight of Three taxiing out to the runway.  You can see Indy's tower in the background on the left.



The Run-Up.


All three in a row now, with the tower behind them. Wish you could see them all together!


In the air, closing up for formation flight.


Getting closer...


And closer...


And Closer...




Just had to shoot a couple more of these...


Turn in formation to the right.


And there is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, dead below, with a Mustang tail on the left.  :)


Mustang Flight of Three over-flying Downtown Indianapolis.
  You can see the city just behind our wing.
Last photo op of the day, before the green Mustang
 peeled out away from us and headed home for the day.  :)