Lobstah and Chowdah

6/2/12; KOKK
As a thank you for passing her Private Pilot checkride, a student of mine had a dozen 1.5 lb live lobsters shipped in from Boston.
We finished off this meal with steak and all the "fixings" you can imagine.  It was an epic feast, and the Best Thank you Ever.

The first thing Kaylee and I did was go to Bob Evans for breakfast this morning.  Blueberry pancakes rule, if you can't tell by the look on her face.  ;)



Nathan handing out live lobsters to Jon and Steve in preparation for the first round of The Big Dunk.



I gotta admit, I feel kind of bad for the little buggars.  But they sure are tasty.


A giant feast isn't complete without some medium-rare ribeye steaks on the grill to go with or instead of the lobster...


Lobster steaming in the pot on the left, steaks cooking up on the right...


Folks settling in and getting ready to eat.





Gwenie and Tre at the food table



Kaylee and her friend K'mia decimating a lobster


Clam chowder, drawn butter, fresh salad, shrimp cocktail, baked potatoes, did I say "nummy" yet?


Some folks sitting down and digging in...


Jon seems to be digging in with gusto. ;)  Nobody left here hungry tonight, that's for sure.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 6/2/12)