Mustang Run-Up


First we had to pull out the others.  Together these two look like a parent/child airplane setup.  His props/tail are/is a lot bigger than 'mine'. ;)


Chocked, unlocked, and ready to start up. Photos by Jon Tharp





Headset on, flaps up, pants up, lights on, etc.


Out on the ramp, warmed up, running up.


You know what? My head looks really little in there...heh.


Nice angle of the whole plane, shining even when it's cloudy out.


Parked back where I started, thumbs up, ready to shut down


...after I take a cheesy and unattractive but still posting it anyway self-portrait.  See why I couldn't comb my hair again the next day?  Wouldn't have it any other way. ;)


(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 3/31/12)