February/March Flying


I had a trip to KPTS, Pittsburg, Kansas, and met up with two other lady pilots. The one sitting next to me, Diana, did not think the picture was flattering and asked to be cropped out. The other is Kim P. 



A gorgeous morning on 2/9/12 on my way to KEKY, Birmingham, Alabama. To my left was a sunrise...



And to my right was a full, bright moon.  Yes, that's the MOON.  Isn't that something?








Moon.  I'm done now. But that was really neat.


Coming home from Alabama, getting ready to descend into the cloud deck 2/9/12


2/20, the T-6 coming out to warm up, run up and go fly just a little.



2/21 Evansville, F-18 stops in for fuel.



Took off in a little snow storm, got on top to another sunrise on the way to St. Louis 3/5


A little ground time in St. Louis 3/5



Gotta take a few pics of the Arch, while driving on an interstate in traffic, of course. ;)




Blueberry Hill, restaurant at "The Loop" in St. Louis 3/5


Sunrise on the ramp at Columbus, 3/6


On the ramp at Columbus


One tasty breakfast at Columbus.  ;)


Sometimes you just have to take a little time and enjoy the view. 3/8 OKK


And enjoy that view too.


And this one.  With two red hats discussing maintenance issues. ;)


Cub flying 3/13


A little chilly still, but not a bad day to fly around in a J-3


The hangar one chilly morning at 3/16, on my way to St. Louis


Lonesome Pine Airport, Virginia 3/22


Lonesome Pine Airport is in Wise, Virginia


Lots of pretty terrain surrounding the airport, but I was too busy to take pictures until I was too high to get good ones.


Fairmont, W. Virginia 3/22

Another interesting place with interesting nearby terrain. :)


Flying home from Virginia/ W. Virginia 3/22



A thunderstorm cell building off to my left...


Buildups here and there to go around...



Pretty cloud formations 3/22



(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 3/31/12)