January Flying


Flying out of the snow showers, on the way home from Pittsburg and W. Virginia 1/4/12


Above the cloud deck coming back from W. Virginia 1/4/12


Sunset on the way home from W. Virginia 1/4/12.


In the Citabria at Glenndale for a nice sunset flight. 1/5/12


Bright shiny sun in January 1/5


Flying over town... 1/5


Three shots of the sun in my face.  Shades...


No shades...


And ahhhhh.  ;) 1/5/12


Turning downwind at 8I3 1/5


On the Powerline VASI for Glenndale Runway 18. :)


RG in the hangar too early, before daybreak, heading to KCPS, Downtown St. Louis. 1/11/12


Kokomo's Lights 1/11...


St. Louis Downtown on takeoff 1/11


Downtown St. Louis 1/11


The arch 1/11


They had us fly right over the top of the Arch this time... 1/11


Going over the top. :) 1/11


Two taildraggers, 25 people, 4 tables, 2 tables of food, one nice way to spend a January evening. :) 1/13


Some of the gang...


Indian Hills...




C-340 out of KARR (Aurora, IL) at night; Chicago lights 1/14/12


Beacon on wing, Chicago Lights below 1/14


View out the front windshield of the 340 at night over Chicago 1/14


Chicago at night... 1/14


One more behind the wing... 1/14


The blurry bright lights in the sky are airliners lined up to get into Midway and/or O'Hare. There were several strings of planes out there, 8-10 of them as far as the eye could see. 1/14


Luuuuke.  I am your Moooooother.  Testing the O2 in the 340 on the way home from KCPS 1/24/12


KayJo passed out in the back seat of the RG on the way to Cape Girardeau 1/27/12



Little snow shower action on the way home from Cape 1/29/12




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 2/9/12)