Weekend at OKK

Twin Beech Day; April 29, 2007

Just too pretty not to take one more photo of.


The Cheyenne and the 172RG getting moved around.


Why did I take this photo?  I have no idea.  It was a group of Harley riders that came into the airport, sat there a few minutes, and rode off into the sunset.  *shrug*


Here's a setup with Chuck & Judy's new trailer, and Charlie & Dawn's camper, and the 172RG


Speaking of planes too pretty not to take a photo of... sorry, couldn't help myself.


The Beech 18, Twin Beech, out and ready to do the initial engine run-up/check-out.



Jamie & Kaylee (check out those filthy knees!) in a moment of domestic peace.  ;)


This is how Kaylee spent a LOT of the weekend-on her new Razor scooter.  :)


She can really boogie on that thing!



Nathan in the Twin Beech, ready to fire up.


I'm right seat, enjoying the view.


You're just going to have to put up with me posting all these.  This IS my site after all.  ;)


Getting ready to fire up



Nathan (you can see Steve's reflection in the spinner of the big version of this shot.)


A little wave


Hi Tre! (That's who's on the phone) :)


There she goes!


Pretty girl... (not me, the plane!)


Gauges Green?  Yep...


Run-up successful!


Gwenie and Kaylee sitting on the door of the Beech 18


Gwenie and Kaylee.  Aren't they cute?  Don't look at her knees again.  ;)



Kaylee peeking out the window of the Beech 18 with her gap-toothed grin.  She lost her second upper tooth yesterday morning, eating a donut!


Kaylee & Gwenie inside the Beech 18



Now we're up on a flight, and these are the kids in the back goofing around.  :)


Nathan & Laura in the Twin Beech-he let me hog it a lot.  :)


Something was funny, but I can't remember what right now. :)


One more parting shot, the flights are over, the plane is going into the hangar...the day is done except for the clean-up!  What a good day.  :)



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)