December Flying


C-340 about to be purchased, sitting pretty. 11/15/11


Shining in the sun...


Kaylee's approval, 12/2/11


Kaylee in the 340 12/2



Inglorious stop on Runway 23 after a gear failure. 12/8/11



The crew, working on it.


Sun going down, plane almost ready to tug out of the way.  12/8/11


First official trip, to Michigan.  12/16


Picked up a little extra that day.  12/16


Kaylee still playing with the Kindle



The three of us in the RG on the way to TN 12/29




Happy Kiddo on her way to see her cousins.





Bright and sunshiny day in late December... 12/29

Flying home from dropping Steve & Kaylee off in Tennessee, 12/29


This is me. Reading a Dean Koontz book. On my phone. On the Kindle. In the RG. Yes I was.


Pretty scenery on the way home for a few pictures here.  12/29




Indy International Airport



Downtown Indy close to sunset.



Indy International in the sun


Kokomo at Sunset


Home sweet home... 12/29


Several photos of a beautiful morning sunrise on the way to St. Louis 12/30



Good morning, St. Louis.  :)


C-340 Panel on the way to Nashville, TN 12/30


Just broke out of a layer...


A little ice on either side of the hot windshield plate.


Sun going down over a cloud deck 12/30


Lovely evening...



C-340 on top of the clouds, sun almost down 12/30




(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 1/3/12)