Aerostar Convention

9/28/11 Tulsa, OK

Winging our way to Oklahoma

In a one-mile stretch of road, just about every shop you could need for your engine (and instruments) were all in a row.


The Aerostar convention folks set up three large vans and had us break into three groups and tour each of these facilities.  It took all day, but covered a lot of ground.


One stop was at a prop shop, and he detailed how they worked internally.




On the ramp at Tulsa was a Foland Gnat, like the one Nathan used to own.


We saw just about everything you can imagine...


Sadly I was really ill for awhile that morning, which you can tell by the ole puffy eyes here.


Everyone was really welcoming and professional.


This was the hose shop. I still know more about hoses than I knew I needed to!


Flying to Ada, OK to visit GAMI.


View of Tulsa from the Cheyenne


On the ramp at Ada, a line-up of Aerostars


At GAMI, they have a monitoring system as they run their test engine on different types of fuel and monitor the results.


Showing the "overgrown Aerostar" to an Aerostar owner


The inside of the hotel.


Hotel had a glass elevator all the way up.  Nice facility



Ramp with some of the Aerostars 


Ramp of Aerostars...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 10/16/11)