BBQ Bash & Veterans Fly-Over

Sept. 15-17, 2011

Howard County Airport now the Veterans Association, where they gather each year.



The first morning flag-raising ceremony.



The flag is carried to the poles by a large group of people...


Where the flag is raised up on large poles.


Two Huey helicopters nearby giving rides


A wider view of the veterans and flag


The flag going up



Me by the Citabria, which I'd flown with a photographer in the back seat to take these photos.



In the T-6 at the BBQ Bash, shutting down on Friday. Photos on this page from here down all by Justin Gould.


SMA set-up in the room at the Bash


Citabria inbound for landing


Duane and Trey taking off in 32L at night to come pick me up at OKK


In the T-6 out of Glenndale to put her away for the night.


Glenndale's runway in the dark


A small group around the camp fire



A Christian Eagle says hello.


And goodbye.



Some of the motley crew


Sam & Ann's hangar hang-out


Where the rides were organized


Every event needs a "follow me" cart.


Jon marshalling in the T-6


Clark giving rides in the chopper


19R touching down


Trey, Duane, me, Chuck, and I don't know what I'm pointing at. ;)



Giving a ride in the T-6



The nice "flat" runway ate the Cessna


I'm coming in for a landing


Looking while I taxi


Kay & Mags



Loading up a rider



Walt & Ty


Les/Air Boss


Princess Wave Gang. ;)


Steve joins the royalty


Duane, Steve, me, Nathan, Trey, Carol, Jon


Some people milling around


Greg in the Chipmonk


Skydiver touching down


Ty, me, Mary, and...


Ride Guys


Kaylee & Maggie



Me & Michelle



Kaylee & Maggie


Selling water and ice cream person to person by cart


I'm taking off to bring the plane back to Kokomo for good.

Goodbye BBQ Bash 2011...

Chuck departs to come get me.  End of the Bash...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 10/16/11)