S. Carolina & St. Louis

Viking; 10/12/11

The first two hours were IMC in the dark...


And then the sun started rising, a glorious sight.

Gorgeous golden sunrise over the cloud deck.


Sunrise over S. Carolina.



The sunrise was to the east, the moon was still off to the southwest.  It was beautiful!



One camera phone photo, one expensive digital camera photo.  Hmmm.  ;)  See the moon?


Coming up on Cumulo-Granite


Mountains rising up out of the clouds


Beautiful mountains, beautiful clouds





Look at the Fall foliage down there.


Another few days and they'd be at full peak color.


I didn't adjust the colors...


Of course there is *nowhere* to land over here.


At all.


For miles.  But it sure is pretty.


A little weather coming from St. Louis to Kokomo.



I stayed under it mostly, you can see the edge of it ahead.


Behind the wing it's getting dark.

Behind me, getting darker...

And severe clear ahead, and homeward bound!


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 10/16/11)