Sept./Oct. Random Flying


Bombing along in the Bellanca on the way to St. Louis 9/7



Sunset at OKK 9/7


Sunset at OKK


Bellanca at Sunset OKK 9/7


Bellanca at OKK


Bellanca at Sunset 9/7


Sunset at OKK


St. Louis at night

The Arch/Downtown at night


St. Louis under the wing of the Bellanca 9/7


9/27 Trip to Alabama


9/27 Alabama Trip


9/27 Alabama Weather


Sunset on the way home from Cape Girardeau 10/4


City lights below, 10/4



Sunset behind the tail of the RG 10/4


The flat-out ugliest airplane I have ever seen. 10/5




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 10/16/11)