August Random Flying

A blurry shot of Logansport Airport at sunset... 8/5


Flying along in the Viking to St. Louis 8/15


Little rainshower off ahead... 8/15

Trip to St. Louis 8/9

Wall of clouds, getting ready to poof back IFR 8/9


St. Louis, 8/9


St. Louis Arch by the St. Louis Downtown Airport 8/9


City lights at night under the RG 8/9


Getting a jump.  ;) 8/11


Flying with Chuck in the Citabria 8/11


We spotted a hot air balloon


A lovely evening to fly 8/11




Kaylee goes flying with me 8/25


Strapped in and ready to go


Getting ready to head out 8/25


Steve flying the T-6 8/25


Back down and a thumbs-up from all 8/25


A batch of F-22s on the ramp at Grissom AFB


F-22s hiding out from Hurricane Katia, at Grissom


St. Louis, 8/30


Downtown St. Louis 8/30


The Farmer's Zepplen Airship at Downtown St. Louis Airport 8/30


Kaylee's plugging in a destination into the GPS


Kaylee flying the Citabria


Giving me a thumbs-up


Looking out the window


Ah, the airflow back in the Suburban. :)


Me & Kay at Marion Fri. night


Kaylee & I flying into the Marion Breakfast 9/2


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 10/16/11)