Aviation Day at OKK

Kindergarten/Preschool Aviation Day in Nathan's Hanger 4/18/07

The first group of kids/parents for the day.


The opening "sit down and get comfortable" Intro talk.


Steve starts giving the "talk" about how airplanes fly.  You know, arrows and kites!  :)


Two of our helpers.  I think Charlie is really learning something here!  ;)


Steve lets all the children grab onto and smear greasy hands on Nathan's Mustang prop.



Do you know if you blow this up you can SEE the fingerprints all over it?  He he


The kids are learning a little about the plane.  Or maybe I took this third photo as just one more excuse to take a photo of the Mustang...I mean the kids.


The kids get into Chuck's Citabria one at a time to get their photos taken "at the controls".


Lots of photos going on.  :)


This is Kaylee and one of her school friends.  I took the picture before I taxied out to give my first ride of the day.  Kaylee insisted on going with me, for some reason.  lol


These are some of the afternoon group of kids.  Round Two.  :)


Steve giving "the talk" (the AVIATION talk) to Group Two.


This is an example of the photos we took of the kids today for them to have as a keepsake/memory.  :)


Steve putting in the last few kids for their photos...


The Citabria, still in one piece, lonely on the ramp, waiting for its "mister" to take it home.  :)

Just a parting shot.  The planes put away, the hanger door coming down, the helpers getting ready to call it a day.


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)