July Random Flying

Four of the five back seaters in the Cheyenne on a trip to Muncie 7/6


View out the back seat of the Cheyenne



Exiting the Cheyenne


Time to eat!  7/6


Flying to Tennessee to drop off Kaylee 7/7


A wall of weather coming up...



Pretty clouds...


Kaylee & Uncle Lon walking off to a week away from home. 7/7


Kaylee helps Ty repair the Chief's rudder at Indian Hills ;)




Just a little Cub flying 7/15


Off flying 7/15


Indiana Countryside out the open door. 7/15



It's windy in there.  ;)



Kay goes flying with me in the Citabria 7/18


Kay & Cherry, she's doing the flying right now. 7/18


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 8/28/11)