Sheridan Air Show

June 4, 2011
All but last row of three photos are by Justin Gould

Airplanes parked on 9/27 at Sheridan


Greg A. takes off in the Chipmunk...


and goes by upside down.


Bob R. does a nice pass


Kaylee outside in the sun




Pitts Bob goes by upside down while I'm in the RG waiting to take off behind him.


Ty gets ready in the Cub for his routine, while I sit in the RG and the Pitts goes by upside down overhead. ;)


I take off in the Mighty RG with Greg to take him to get the jet.


(Cue the Indiana Jones Theme Song Here)


Ty in the Cub "races" a Model T


Swoops around to race the other direction


Cub comes in for a crosswind landing


Cliff  in the Stearman is up next


Smoke on


Steve "Air Boss" Stants

Kaylee relaxing inside out of the sun


The end of the day, one wiped out, hot kid.  :)


Panoramic view of Sheridan Airport from the grass strip. Show cars lined up...


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/13/11)