Poker Run

May 21, 2011

Two ladies getting ready to go fly the Texan.


And away we go...


For some reason two different people thought it was shocking to see me cleaning the bugs off the airplane and took pics. ;)


Yep, still cleaning bugs!


As I finished up the wings, the pit crew got inspired; Justin getting where I can't reach way up there and Zak getting the oil underneath. There was a lot of it. Trey watched. ;)


Girls on Golf Carts


Kay driving, M right-seating, friend K in the back, and G.



Steve giving golf cart checkouts to a couple of the girls.



The Airport Rats running around and having fun.


Well, except for this one giant fight that I had to intervene in. Other than THAT they were having fun. ;)


Steve on the hunt for the knob off my helmet that hit the floor of the T-6.


Trey entertaining himself as it starts raining...


It rained last year too, but this year we had mostly nice weather at least.


Cuddling up under fuzzy blankets as it cooled off and started raining.


Four girls staying cozy.


Just sitting around talking, waiting for the Rapture and ice cream.


The ice cream came, at least.  :)


Judy helping the girls cover up.



Sheryl, AE and Walt, who looks like he's giving me the stink eye.



Steve, Mike, and folks in general.


Dinner and ice cream...


Bill's in line with the kids...


Now I think Mike's giving me the stink eye.  ;)


Walt, AE and Judy are the Super Scoopers, all taking turns at once to get folks ice cream as fast as possible.


End of the day...


Kaylee and K pushing the dead golf cart back to the hangar.


Zak helps Kaylee finish off the journey


The hangar at night, getting ready to shut down. And Zak's down.

Steve & Zak T. helping put stuff away...


Mosquito bites and exhaustion. The next picture was of them smiling, but this one is funnier. ;)  Time to go home!


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 7/13/11)