Rosamond, California

Steve, Nathan & Chuck's Great Adventure 1/16/07 - 1/21/07

Subtitle:  Life portrayed by cell phone photos.  ;)

Taken out the window on the way to CA; the gorgeous Rockies.


Dinner out the first night there--Nathan, Gayle, Doug  & Chuck; everybody but Doug on their cell phone.


Steve & Nathan


Steve in front of a Howard 250.


Chuck too!


Steve & Nathan by one very large engine


My weak attempt at "oh yeah, well THIS is what I'M doing while you're gone!"  :)


Just Flying.


Nathan enjoys his Purple Hooter.  :D


Here I am the next day up in the air.  Ipod in and enjoying the scenery!


Steve plays with his stick while waiting to go on his first glider ride.


Steve and "Opie"


The Glider getting ready to go


And it's Chuck's turn!


Opie, Chuck & Steve


In the blown-up version of this, you can see Chuck smile.  :)


On the roll.  Isn't that gorgeous scenery??  I *love* the desert and the mountains.  Love it.


And away they go!


Flying over the ocean-you can see the prop blade on the right as it moved.


Chuck in the back of the Cheyenne


The ocean...


Not the best quality, but the sun shining on the ocean...


Welcome to Rosamond!


This is Rosamond from the air...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)