Grissom Fly-By

Friday, May 13, 2011
Dedication of the C-47 at GUS in honor of WWII Veteran Lt. Haus
Photos by Jon Tharp

Me and Peg, the two ladies in the T-6 for the fly-over


T-6 and Mustang lined up to do the run-ups.


Trey in the other T-6 doing his run-up.


Me & Peg


Trey & Zach


Lining up on the runway


Trey lined up behind me


Pretty shot of the T-6 in the air


Mustang flying off the T-6



Trey's coming up


Trey flying formation off the Mustang




Coming down over Grissom


Grissom base to the left



The museum is below the T-6's left wing


We get to come around for a second pass...






Peg & Jon looking over the Mustang after the flight...


Photos by Zach


Run-up view from #3


Two T-6s and a P-51...

Nathan and I



Trey & Laura coming by Glenndale at the end of the morning...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)