Muncie & Mustang

April 23, 2011

Kaylee, Jamie & Gwenie playing with a Droid App at Kacy J's Restaurant at MIE


A pretty yellow Luscombe parked in a bunch of dandilions.


Nathan and Steve are talking to the glider guys. :)


Classic cars and some airplanes on the ramp.


T-6 on the ramp


Our crew chatting with the glider folks



Bill, girl on a chair, cars and planes



Duane, AE, Nathan, Steve.


Self-portrait of me flying home from MIE in the T-6 today.


Kaylee bike riding back at Kokomo.


Duane, Trey, Nathan, Steve...gear door inspection.


Nice tails.



Dale's helping Trey point out that Something is Over There.


Duane and Trey working on the door with supervision.


Swinging the gear.


Heeeeeave Ho.


Duane is thinking something like "Huh".



Steve and Nathan are thinking something like "Dang It".




Trey & Carol



We are blocking this end of the taxiway, for hours, and I don't care.


Blocked this end of the taxiway too--and I still don't care.


Duane and the Mustang


Climbing up to set up the helmet.


Fueling up the P-51



Kaylee on the golf cart



The Magnificent Four walking to the Steed.



Duane, Nathan, Steve, Trey



Do this.  And this.  And maybe even this.  But don't do that. At all.  :)


Strapping in...



Duane, firing up the Mustang


And we're running.



Nathan getting blown away. :)



Watching by the runway for the first solo takeoff.


Carol & Trey taking photos



First takeoff getting ready to go by



The Mustang on taxi back...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)