Random Flying Shots

Jan. - Mar. 2011

Beautiful Sunshine for the first time in months.  On the way to CGI with the family 1/30, in the Baron


Sunglasses Girls Up Front.  ;)


Kaylee making our musical selection.


Stylin' Aviatrix.  :)


More beautiful sunshine, on top of the cloud deck making everyone else miserable below.  ;)


We slowly head back down into the clouds...


Back into the Gray


Cozy, Sleeping Steve


Baron on the ramp at CGI


Kay and the Baron




One snow-covered, ice-covered, wind-blown, nasty, 20 below zero day at the airport.  At least the sun is shining. January '11.



Notice anything wrong?  Oh yes, that was the day I had a flat tire on the nosewheel in the airplane with a first-time-with-me student on a 20-below-zero day.  ;)



This was a fraction of the line at the grocery store as everyone prepared for the Storm of the Decade.  Me? I was just out of Diet Cokes.  Great timing. *sigh*


Snow drifts almost as tall as my Jeep at the hangars.


And yes, some taller than me.  I'm buried up to my calves in snow too.  Unreal.



On 2/26 I gave a talk to a local church group on the T-6, the Mustang, and flying in general.  :)




From snow drifts to flooding.  Welcome to Lake Glenndale! 2/28


More Glenndale Flooding


Don't forget in front of the hangars...


And the runway, of course...



Taxiway too.  What a mess.  It took well over a month to dry out.



Night winter flying is if nothing else, pretty.  And cold. Hello, Indy.


Kokomo Runway beckons me home.  Some of the lights on the right are invisible because they are buried in snow drifts taller than the lights...



Trip to Olive Branch, Mississippi 3/8


Welcome to Memphis.  I mean Olive Branch.  Same thing. :)



Back to Memphis on 3/15, snacks and bad weather and all.


Except here when we were on top of all the weather. ;)


Getting ready to head back down into the clouds into Kokomo


3/18, Window open in the Citabria, first Citabria flight in months.


A lovely almost-Spring day



I figured I'd even smile for this one.  ;)



Chief & Luscombe at Glenndale 3/18






Cub was out bombing around too


Glenndale....Taildragger Nation


Me, flying for the second time that day, coming in to land at Kokomo...


K & K flying 3/19 in the RG


The Mustang is out and run for the first time this Spring...



Flying along in the Chief 3/25



View from the Chief out the front...


On the way to Kokomo...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)