Random Flying Shots

November & December 2010


About to break into the clouds on the ILS into Quad Cities, IL, in the Saratoga.



In the clear on the way to Ohio, by Cinci, in the 172RG

A "Sun Dog", rainbow circle around the shadow of our airplane.



Descending back into the clouds, headed into Kokomo



Taxiing in at sunset from Muncie in the Baron.


Baron on the ramp, RG inbound for landing.


The Cub at sunset, before I pushed it 1/4 mile by hand to its new hangar.


I took the Chief to its new home at Sheridan for the winter.


And a little T-6 straight and level.


Not so straight...


Not so level.


And a great sunset to end that day.


Cessna on takeoff one cold morning.


First snow...


Flying over Indianapolis at night in the RG


Lots of pretty lights.


Fuzzy photo of the Baron flying over Atlanta, GA in the middle of the night with a thin layer of clouds over the city.


A series of photos of the clouds, flying home from Georgia in the Baron at dawn.





Descending into Kokomo


Goodbye sun...


Hello ILS 23 at OKK


And one snow-covered, slick airport...


Chuck & Jon in the back of the Cheyenne on the way to Stuart, FL. 12/14/2010


Blue skies and warming temps up at 33,000' along with a massive tailwind giving us 427 knots groundspeed.


See?  Straight and level flight, 427 knots, only a little over 2 hours from Indiana to Florida.  NICE.


Chuck's GPS showed our speed in MPH.  We may have deliberately gotten over 500 mph just to say we did.  (Max speed far right, 506 mph.)  ;)


Hello, Atlantic Ocean!


Flying barely over the ocean on the way to Stuart


This was prettier in person, but it's still nice.  :)



Cheyenne coming in to land.


Cheyenne touches down at Stuart


Well, alrighty then!


Blue skies, warm breezes, palm trees, oh yes I did see this today...


A totally unflattering photo of me squinting in the bright sun, in a t-shirt, in front of a palm tree.  As we buckle down for the next winter storm watch, I'm keeping this in my memory!



Flying home with Ms. Imogene, Chuck and Jon. 



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)