Marion's Fly-In/Drive-In Pancake Breakfast

20th Anniversary; MZZ; September 4, 2010

Me & Gwenie coming in to land at Marion in the T-6



Nathan & Jamie coming in to land in the P-51.
Photos by Mike M. at MZZ)


What a pretty day! Checkertail Clan on the ramp at MZZ


All sorts of displays were set up up and down every hangar row.


Checking out the autoplane. (It doesn't leave the ground.)

A line up that a toilet?


A pretty good view of some of the crowd. (And the windsock on the hangar sticking straight out.)


Welcome to Marion, Indiana, where we display not only the usual, we also display rows of tractors.  "She thinks my tractor is..."


Yes, yes that was indeed a toilet.  C'mon, you know you're amused.


Speaking of amused. There was an Elvis there. He made it to 7 chin-ups at the Marine tent before kicking wildly and dropping off.



A couple of kids getting their photo taken by the plane


Cuties. :)


Larry Kay, Mary's sensitive big brother?


The nice polished Electra 12 in front of the big breakfast hangar.


My backseat rider for the day, blending in with the Larry Kay car. :)




Getting ready to fire up and head home for the day...


Photos sent over by Ray Johnson

Mustang at Marion



Me taxiing in.


Photo by Dave Jackson


The T-6 at Marion



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)