BBQ Bash 2006!

Glenndale, IN; Oct. 13-15th, 2006


My mother is the guardian of the failed "bouncy thing"; it wouldn't blow up all the way and all the kids were dying to get in it, so she literally had to sit in front of the door to stop them!


There they are by the limp castle.


A bad photo of our Air Bosses, Ernie & Jeremy


The T-6 and our "regular ride" airplanes, lined up and ready to go.


The DJ booth and sign-up place for rides.


Finally, the castle is fixed!


We had Michael Waltrip's Busch Series car here for the day!


No, the photo isn't upside down, the GUY is.  The skydiver does a loop before he lands at Glenndale.  :)


Skydiver coming in for a landing


Next guy coming down...


Duane Carroll (pilot) and Richard Stants in the T-6!


I'm (Laura) in the Stearman; the runway is the green strip in front of the wing.  :)



My beautiful friend Heather Mike, who dared to get in an airplane with me.  :)


Two of Heather's lovely children in the plane and ready to go-Katie Mae and Isaac.  :)


The T-6 starts taking rides...


Okay, you don't know this couple, but wish them a Happy Engagement and blessed marriage!  :)


The Seneca getting fueled up...and me waiting for it.


Justin & Laura in the Seneca


The Seneca takes off...


I just like this photo.  :)


Chuck Rider in the T-6.  I think it suits him pretty well!


Chuck & Duane in the T-6


One more...


Judy buckles in for HER ride; Duane and Chuck.  :)


Here's Judy in the T-6


A smile and a wave and she's ready to go!


One more-a laugh, even.  :)

Judy and Duane take off in the T-6


(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)