Kaylee's Mustang Ride

Oh yes, and the AID 50th Celebration, July 10, 2010
Photos by Steve & Kaylee

Kaylee smiles back at me while Nathan gets in.


Doing a run-up


Kaylee's back there taking a picture of us (seen below)


Pulling onto the runway to pull up by the Mustang


Kaylee in the air and smiling.


The air photos of the Mustang were all taken by Steve, in the backseat of the T-6 with his seat turned backwards.



There are a lot of duplicate photos, but I can't delete them. :)


You can blow any of them up. I think this one she's smiling.



Going under...


Hello! :)


Out the other side




The next 5 photos are by Kaylee. This was the photo of Steve taking a photo of her taking a photo of us.  ;)


Me and Steve, who is trying to get his seat in place back there.






The view of the T-6 from the back seat of the Mustang


Coming up on Anderson, IN


KAID Airport


Hmm, I'm not sure how handy it is to have a pilot taking photos of how close to the centerline you may or may not be on landing.  ;)


Nathan & Kaylee arrive at AID


Taxiing in...


S-turns on the taxiway


Anderson tower in the background


Coming in to park


Look who is here waiting for us!  :)


Hi Chuck.



Stearman, and Vlado's Mustang


One of our Glenndale Guys


Nathan waiting for fuel to head home


Chuck in his helmet in the Citabria, #3 for takeoff


We're all buckled in and ready to depart AID


Mustang taxiies out behind me.


We're off the ground at Anderson, the Mustang is a small dot back on the runway.


There they go



Here it comes...



Back up close and personal.




Hmm, centerline photos coming back into Kokomo, too.  I know, a few inches to the right there, right? At least you wouldn't be safe in a lawnchair on the centerline this time. ;)


Kaylee wipes bugs off the leading edge of the Mustang


It's her job after getting to ride...


She did a good job...


Next came swimming.  Nice cannonball!

The Swim crew


The sunset at the end of the day...a lovely final touch.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)