B-17 at OKK

July 7-8, 2010; OKK

The Mustang and the B-17 on the ramp at OKK




The view from the wing of the Mustang (I wiped off my fingerprints!)



A quick break for the kid riding the 4-wheeler.



I wonder if she made folks nervous out there...




But she did a good job.  :)






Jon Tharp working on the T-6


Jon's sihouette



Bob J. and Jon T. putting the T-6 back together


Our gang by the B-17 on their way to Champaign



Ready to go!


This is the preflight briefing...how to use the seatbelts,


Don't bug the pilots,


All that good stuff.


Lining up to board the plane.



It's not as easy to get in there gracefully as you'd think.


The B-17 firing up.


I love the smell/sight/sound of smoke in the morning



Next engine...



Spectators on the golf cart-Mark & Charlie B.



The line guys have a cell phone brigade



The B-17 taxies out to go to Champaign




On their way


The view from the B-17


Photos by Sam Habit



Dale makes his way through



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)