Learn To Fly Day

May 15, 2010 at OKK, 5I4 & 8I3 Airports


A gentleman I flew with in the C-172 this morning.



This man and his son went for a ride around town with me.


It was a desire he hoped to fulfill before he passed away from cancer.


So the oxygen tank and his son went in the back seat, he and I got up front, and away we went.


There were lots of people out at Kokomo on this beautiful day.


Some of his family and friends came out to watch him go fly, too.


His lovely wife.



He was a rock star today!



The family...


Folks at Kokomo

The T-6 had a new "tug" today--Steve Cusick's Jeep.  :)


The gentleman flying along while I snap a picture or two...


He did a better job of flying than I did.  :)


Down at Sheridan for the Learn To Fly Day there.  You can see Billy Werth in the background practicing his routine.


The T-6 and the Pitts.


Getting those show passes nailed


Billy's son sat on the runway underneath taking photos of his dad going over.


Checkertail & Greyout


The Mighty Steeds used for rides at Sheridan today. The 172RG and the Cherokee 180.


The aerobatic box was hot today, folks out for Learn To Fly day and watching the aerobatics above.


Billy's done, coming in, his son walking back as well.


The conference room where Steve & Phil gave a presentation.

I took photos a little late, some were already off on rides, but we had over a dozen participants.

Billy Werth & Crew.  I took no photos from the T-6, no photos at Glenndale, and basically quit photographing here.  It was a nice day though!



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)