May 6 & 8, 2010

Macon, Missouri and the T-6 at home.

Macon, Missouri has a lovely 3500' x 60' runway and a great courtesy car.



When I got home, I took out the T-6 for the first time in months.



Why I won't get a comb through my hair for a few days.



Why I don't really care if I don't get a comb through my hair for a few days.



I flew past the Flying Squirrels meeting at Glenndale...


Went up and did some slow flight and stalls...


Then came back in to work on some take offs and landings.


Left Downwind Runway 5, Kokomo.


I didn't really want to come in.


What a lovely evening


And a lovely end to the day.


Putting away the plane at the end of the day...


Checkertail at Kokomo



Being put to bed.


Mother's Day 2010

The T-6 parked on the grass at Noblesville Airport


Noblesville, I80, by Indianapolis.


A nice way to spend an hour on Mother's Day


Getting ready to depart for Indian Hills


Noblesville from the air.

You can kind of see Indianapolis downtown from here...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)