St. Louis Downtown

April 28, 2010; St. Louis, MO KCPS

The St. Louis Downtown airport ramp at 6 a.m.


The 6 a.m.  ;)


You can see the Arch behind the Baron way back there...


Where I spent the day-Ideal Aviation-and they were very helpful.


Downtown St. Louis' big tower in the background.


View of the sunrise...did I 6 a.m.!  Also, if you blow this up, you will see a bright white "X" in between the left engine and the fuselage.  This is a vertical closed runway "X" the likes of which I hadn't seen before.  You can also see some of the fog that was on the ground when we landed...



The "Sun Room" pilot's lounge with computer, TV, fireplace, and two walls' worth of view of airplanes, ramp, tower and runways.



The TV/fireplace part of the room-the plants are real, by the way.


A bathroom light in the form of a glowing biplane.  I know some people who need to own that.  ;)



There is a museum right next door on the field, in the big hangar behind this plane, but alas, they are volunteer-driven and are only open haphazardly...and not today.


The restaurant on field, "Oliver's".



They have a neat old-time restaurant motif, a "WWII Lounge" which is a bar, but I didn't attempt to knock one back before I flew home or anything.  ;)


If you're ever at the KCPS airport, stop in here-the food is good, the view is good, and the atmosphere is very good.  :)


Here's as close to a picture of downtown and the Arch as I could get today, since the air traffic controllers wouldn't cooperate during my great views from the air and let me get a picture in...



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)