MIE Fly-In/Drive/In

April 24, 2010; Muncie, Indiana


A wet, dreary looking T-6 on the wet, dreary ramp at Muncie.  :)  (Crummy cell phone photo warning).



When we arrived it was barely VFR, lightly raining, and the ramp was, as you can see, just a bit on the empty side!


Kaylee and her umbrella heading into Kacy J's to eat.


There was a Chinook there today (Kaylee in the back).


They were traveling to Washington State and just happened to stop in at MIE because of the weather.  Good timing!


They let us walk through and check it out, which was really nice of them since the Blackhawks that were supposed to come today cancelled for the weather.  (Wusses!!)


Kaylee by the Chinook cockpit.


The rain stops and folks come out to check out the T-6 a bit.


The Mooney-also from Kokomo-and the Chinook


Our Saratoga and Baron on the ramp alone.


Jon doing what he does well-helping kids check out the Six.


Answering questions...



Justin taking a photo of "Flat Stanley" for his nephew.  (Actually, there was a second "Flat Stanley" there today who also got his photo taken on the T-6.  Tis the time of year!)


Kaylee with her balsa wood airplane, our planes in the background.


You can see the wings in the middle of this photo at the top.  She sends it off...


Steve and Kaylee.  Awww!


Steve & Kaylee



Folks on the ramp watching the Chinook wind up


This thing really DOES beat the air into submission.  Hard.


Watching the Chinook


Photos and video oh my!


Chuck and Steve on the T-6 wing watching the Chinook


Kaylee resting on the T-6


It started sprinkling again so Kaylee huddled under her unopened umbrella.

Photos by Justin Gould

The north end of the ramp with the fire truck guys


There were booths and such in the hangar there...


Kids flying balsa wood planes on the ramp


Including Kaylee



The firetruck, the other 'warbird' there in the background, Steve, Chuck and me.



Kaylee on the wing of the T-6


I couldn't decide which one to stick up-the one
 where you can see the distance from the ground
 via the wheels,

Or the close-up one of her face and hands.  So I'll do both.  ;)



Steve, Chuck & Laura



Toga & Baron on the ramp.





(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)