Night Flight out of Glenndale

April 21, 2010

Sunset at Awanas, on my way to Glenndale to take a night flight with a student.



Beautiful sky...


Clouds, tree, sunset.


Kaylee out by the runway while we wait for an hour past the sun set.



Getting darker...


I know-let's do a cartwheel!


Nice form, kid!


Ended a little sloppy there, but that's okay.



Glenndale's runway lights at dusk.  I was checking they worked, as finding this place at night without working lights is a tad on the tricky side.


Blow this up-the red light in the middle of the runway lights, up in the sky?  That's on top of the wires.  Don't hit it and stay above it and you'll be fine!


Also if you blow this photo up to a larger size you can see the many colored lights down below.  (This looks better in the huge version, but oh well.)


The lights of Indianapolis at night.


A student and I flew a night cross-country past Indianapolis.


Unfortunately these are mostly fuzzy due to camera limitations, but it's still pretty.


The lights reflected off the underside of the wing of the C-172.



Just testing out a black & white version...




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)