Random Flying Shots

All flights in March 2010

Saratoga flight to St. Louis Downtown


Early in the morning 3/5/10


The first sunny day we've had in a long time!


Snow piled high in front of the grass strip at Sheridan.


Sunset flying the Cherokee 180 at Sheridan 3/4/10


Sunset at Sheridan in the 180 with student.


Sun going down behind the plane and hangar.


Sun rising on the way to Chattanooga, Tennessee in the Baron 3/4/10


Baron sunrise over Tennessee

Sunset in C-172RG on the way home from Springfield, IL


Can't decide which ones I like, so here they are.



Sunset reflected on the wing



Airport lights of home base at Kokomo, blurry but recognizable.  :)


An interesting display of digital numbers reflected on the windshield with the sunset and the airport lights.


Home sweet home.  The 172RG framed in the doorway while I go try to find a tug to finish putting it away for the night...


Ty's Luscombe at Indian Hills Airport, going up for a nice long flight 3/22/10



Grass strip runway under the wing, lovely flight, lovely day!




(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)