Trip to California

Rosamond, California Feb. 4, 2010 - Feb. 8, 2010

The mountains come into view on our way to Colorado Springs, CO.


You can blow any of these up to look at the more detailed versions-they aren't too huge.


Coming up on the mountain pass after Colorado Springs.



A cloud cover above, mountains beside and below


Flying through the mountain pass



Trees and snow on the mountain to our right


In the midst of the pass, with mountains higher than we are off on both sides.


Beautiful area...


From the mountains to the bluffs.


Rugged, unforgiving terrain.


A plateau...


The sun going down on the bluffs.


The sun setting over the bluffs



And going down behind two mountain ridges





Nathan and Doug in man-heaven, a little store that has every single item you could imagine.


Nathan and Tony at the hangar, doing a little work.


The Baron sitting pretty at Rosamond, California.


On the ramp


Doug & Gail's ramp, hangar and home.


The view from the ramp over to the mountains.


Little 'hills' by the runway, big mountains behind.


The taxiway and runway at Rosamond

The Rosamond Airpark's mountain view

Snow showers sparkling in the landing light of the Baron. Was beautiful in real life, didn't translate so well to photo...but we are almost home.



(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)