Fun Flying!

Taken 05/15/06 on a Scuddy Monday at the "Air Zoo" in Kalamazoo, Michigan
(Blow some of these up, they are only 800x600, not huge huge.  Look at this place close-up!)
Shoot, I need Chuck here to tell me what some of these planes were.  lol

A chick pilot in a P-40, can not think of her name!


Go to the light, Chuck...


Check out this Waco with a backdrop of hot air balloon murals!



Static displays...just gorgeous.


Chuck helping a nice couple in their hot air balloon.


Me too!


Gotta hold that rope tight!



Laura matching the people you can't see in the frame to the left, all pointing at the hot air balloons.  ;)



B-25?  I think.


So cool.  One static plane, one mural on the wall.


I've always loved space.  This huge mural covers an entire wall.  That's the SR-71's tail on the left.


Chick plane again.  Sandy?  Girl after my own heart!


Aerial view of the floor displays and wall murals.


F-14's and all manner of cool planes.


The SR-71 Blackbird and the planet earth...VERY neat.  Everybody should go see this place!  Rides for kids and adults alike are there!


Taken 05/06/06 on a beautiful Saturday at a small grass strip somewhere near you...

Kaylee took this picture of me in the Baron.


Saying "hello" at the airport.


Up over the wires.


Coming in for a landing...
In this one and the two previous photos, the blown-up version is better, but be warned, the big versions are big and will take awhile to load!  :)


I liked this one--Greg's PJ coming in for a landing with Jim watching over the Decathlon's wing.


Mike and I in the Decathlon in a loose formation flight with Greg in the PJ.  Pretty plane, isn't it!


Oh!  Check these out, I've been wanting to have a place to put these to be able to look at them more often!
I'm in the back seat having a blast...Taken 10/07/05











(Fun Flying Photos Updated 5/16/11)