Cherry Christmas 2012 II

12/29/12 - 1/2/13

On the way to Tennessee in Gumby.



Cozy Christmas. :)



Let the Gifting Begin!  Cousins...




K & M



With Grandma & Grandpa


Kay & Aunt Cathy. :)


K & R


K & A


Even Boomer gets a present


Kaylee with Grandma


Grandma & Grandpa and the bows on their heads.  :)


Uncle Lon is rarely cooperative!


Got him there, though.  :)


Cousins with Candy Canes.  :)


Goofball Cousins


Pretty tree action


Playing "Would You Rather"


Grandma finished the game by dancing for 60 seconds with a mop!


Puzzle Working


Kay & Mo making cookies


Chocolate chip cookies sweeter than that face.


Christmas Gift Exchange


Going through and selecting one at a time...



Christmas Exchange Participants


Sleeping Beauty here passed out until noon!



At Meridee's!


T workin' on the puzzle



R & T puzzling



Hot-tubbing it!



Goofy Hot-tubbing it


Walking across the wooden floor on a towel in a row



like a 8-legged centipede.  :)



These two dancing to "Call Me Maybe" was...worthwhile!


Our champagne...okay, apple juice, for New Year's Eve.



As the ball is falling and the countdown begins...




These are some scary looking people getting ready to Nerf War!


Now aimed at me.  :O



Kaylee hunkered down behind her fort.


Kaylee KIA



Steve standing off with T & A


Kaylee's toast.



All the carnage of the Nerf War!


Just me playing around on focus


I think I like it the other way better. 



The girls at CeeCee's Icecream.



Flying home, reading a book on my iPad.


Sunset on the way home


Indy International Airport just off the spinner of the Aerostar


View out the nose...almost home...



(Fun Flying & Family Photos Updated 1/03/13)